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Data capture is a real concern

By Sleaford Target  |  Posted: December 11, 2013

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THE catchphrases "what you see is what you get" and "every little helps" spring to mind when I read that their advocates have jointly agreed to arrange 'face scanning technology' intended to capture certain features about you whilst queuing at till zones located at some 450 sites of a supermarket's fuel forecourts.

The invasive technology (think CCTV or speed cameras) will target such characteristics as: hair-length hence gender, age group, daytime and how long your eyes dwell upon local electronically displayed advertisements.

The "real-time" data thus gathered will then be matched with other demographically compiled data and fed-back to advertisers revealing campaign effectiveness.

That information will later facilitate the repetition of those adverts tailored to appear in similar circumstances.

Actually the supermarket themselves don't intend to keep your image; nor want to deploy 'eyeball scanners, or facial recognition' technologies.

Nevertheless, in course of time, who knows what other parties might choose to hack into, then stream off that data and by marrying it together with 'Facebook' images and information from other social media sites, thereby linking it for more invasive purposes.

There is grave danger here of it spiralling out of control.

People don't want say our police keeping a real-time log of which shops we patronise, but surveillance technology now offers that possibility. Our 'glorious armed forces dead' defended our freedoms, now 'market forces' could strip it away.

Interestingly it's been reported that NKDC have determined their own 'Big-Sister' model for using camera technology to track shoppers' habits, preferences and movements about, routes, places and spaces about Sleaford.

Of course, this further highlights their 'prescriptive' town planning methodology via 'economic development boffins'.

Sadly it differs greatly from the simply 'organic' way organised through dedicated volunteers working with the town council as produced a hugely successful Christmas Market.

David Birks


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  • walker58  |  December 12 2013, 11:18AM

    I am confused what you are trying to say apart from suggesting some grand conspiracy between Tesco and NKDC specifically aimed at the destruction of Sleaford. Quite ludicrous.

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