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'Bully boy' approach is just not democratic

By Sleaford Target  |  Posted: September 04, 2013

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IN reply to Mr Gordon's letter in the Target (August 21)

Tesco is already in Sleaford, but where it is, is not causing trees to be felled or cutting the town in half by closing the rail line crossing.

The Tesco delivery lorries use the by pass and only effect the north end of the town, what route will they take to get to the new store. We have not been told by NKDC yet which route they will take.

What planet are you living on to think folk from, and I quote, "Digby, Heckington, Billinghay, Navenby, Waddington Grantham, Bourne and Newark" would want to come to Sleaford just because we have a Tesco Extra when they can shop at Lincoln, Grantham, Nottingham, Peterborough and Boston.

The only out of town people that would come to shop in Sleaford are from Leasingham, Holdingham and Quarrington which is in walking distance, and I am positive that most of the people living at Greylees would do their shopping at Grantham when they get off the train before they travel home.

I am sure most of the town council who have been elected by the people of Sleaford and that is the word, Sleaford, do not object to Tesco being in the town, but object to the trees in the recreation ground being pulled down just so a road can be laid for the purpose of Tesco and the Bass Maltings. This area of Sleaford was given to the people of Sleaford and for the bully boys of NKDC to muscle their way in and dictate to the town council is nothing short of a dictatorship rather than a democracy.

What we need in Sleaford is not one big store, but to develop that as you say "derelict and wasted part of the town" into a shopping centre like the one just outside Spalding. Bring in more than one shop which would give the people of Sleaford more of a choice, which can only be good for the whole of Sleaford and not just Tesco.

One final thought Tesco should be ashamed of themselves paying for a road that will cut down trees just for the purpose of their new store.

I will support the Town Council to stop the beautiful trees of the recreation ground being pulled down for the purpose of a road to Tesco/Bass Maltings.

O Roberts


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